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Curtis Instruments Pacific

The right product for all types of electric vehicle applications

Product Offering – Curtis Pacific

Curtis offers a full line of components and integrated systems for your application.  Click here for a complete product listing.


Curtis is a world leading designer and manufacturer of motor speed controllers for all types of industrial, recreational and medical mobility applications. See our product line for all major EV motor types. 

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AC Induction Controllers Brushed DC Permanent Magnet Controllers
SepEx Controllers Programming
Series Controllers Systems Control


Curtis offers a full spectrum of vehicle instrumentation with the right gauge for every application. The line includes fully programmable models, full color and CAM compatible models.

See our full offering for:

CAN & Serial programmable instrumentation
Hour Meters
Battery Monitoring System – Acuity®
Battery State-of-Charge Instruments

Power Conversion

As part of a fully integrated electric vehicle system, Curtis provides battery chargers and DC/DC converters for every type of vehicle

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Battery Chargers
DC/DC Converter


To complete the integrated EV system, Curtis provides a range of accessories and components.

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DC Contactors
Warning Devices
Input devices

enGage Video

New enGage® Video

Click to see the new video for the programmable Curtis color LCD vehicle instrument enGage VII.

New Curtis Video

An Overview of Curtis Worldwide

This 5-minute YouTube video gives you a quick-view of the global operations of Curtis in a nutshell.